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Reciprocal Clubs

Social Register Association members should note there is a specific Reciprocal Process to follow with all of the Clubs. Please see below.

1. SR member should first review clubs in the SR reciprocity program, listed below. 

Reciprocity Process

2. SR member should email or call the Director of Membership & Events at (646) 612-7323 with the following information:

  • Your name and accompanying family members

  • Desired club

  • Date of visit

  • Activities 

3. Your request for a reservation will be made to the appropriate reciprocal club membership officer along with a Social Register Letter of Introduction, copying you.

4. Social Register members must follow this process each time they wish to enjoy the benefits of a reciprocal club.

List of Reciprocal Clubs and Associations

For the complete list of reciprocal clubs, Social Register members are invited to contact

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