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Every week countless magazines enter the homes of millions of people 

but twice a year one very special publication arrives at the doorstep of approximately 25,000 extraordinary American families…

Kennedy, Rockefeller, Du Pont  -- all families listed in the Social Register’s pages. These families are among our country’s most highly educated, affluent and philanthropic individuals.  They are decision-makers and trendsetters.

  • 45% attended an Ivy League university.

  • 75% own multiple homes – New York, Washington DC, Northeast Harbor, Nantucket, Southampton and Palm Beach are among the most popular areas. There are homes in Canada, Europe, South America and Asia.

  • 400+ members have yachts (Hinckley, Pearson, and Hatteras are the most common manufacturers).

  • The books are in homes, offices, and private clubs around the world.

  • Every page is read, discussions are had, nothing is ignored.

An unparalleled audience.
An unparalleled marketing opportunity.

Luxury marketers and exclusive financial institutions regularly choose the Social Register for their important brand messages.

“Over the years thousands have begged, borrowed, and pleaded to get in …”

– The New York Sun

Please contact Lise Honoré for more details about this one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity.
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