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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one get listed in the Social Register?

​The publication of names in the Social Register is governed by an Advisory Committee. Applicants are required to furnish letters of recommendation from several families already listed in the Social Register. Letters should be sent directly to the Association by each sponsor and should contain information regarding family background and antecedents, names of parents, club affiliations, previous marriages if any, and any other particulars which would be helpful to the Advisory Committee. After this formality has been complied with, the application is submitted to the Advisory Committee and the insertion of the name is then dependent entirely upon its action. [See also "How to Apply"]

I have recently become engaged/married. What procedure do I follow to have my information updated?

​When reporting an engagement or marriage, please furnish the following details if they have not already been provided, or if the groom or bride is not listed in the Social Register:

  • Maiden name of bride, full name of groom, and their residential address.

  • Exact date and place of marriage.

  • Full names and addresses of parents.

  • Previous marriages, if any. Please provide former married names and dates of each previous marriage.

  • Family and educational background, club and business affiliations. Please include college and year of graduation as well as graduate degrees. 

[See also "Submit Material for the SR Observer"]


My name appears to have been omitted from the Social Register. How do I go about being reinstated?

​Your name could have been omitted for a number of reasons, the most common being a lack of updated information. Should you wish to be reinstated, please submit full current information. This will be forwarded to the Advisory Committee, as is customary.

[See also "Contacting the Association"]

I would like to submit photographic material for the Social Register Observer. What are the requirements and how do I go about doing this?
  • Material can be either mailed or e-mailed to the Association.

  • Prints should be at least 4" x 6" in size. Black-and-white prints are preferable, but not mandatory.

  • Brides, brides-to-be, and debutantes should be photographed alone. A head-and-shoulders portrait is preferable. The subject's name as well as that of the photographer should be printed clearly on the back of the photograph. Please indicate if you wish to have the print returned.

  • E-mailed photographs should be at least 4'' x 6'' in size and scanned in at 200dpi or higher, and the photographer's name should be included.

  • *Please note that, since items appearing in the Observer are time-sensitive, materials pertaining to them should be submitted as soon as possible after the events to be featured if they are to be considered for inclusion.

​How do I go about having my children (or grandchildren) listed, or re-listed?

​Please write to the Association, giving full details. A form will be sent. If this is completed and returned, it will be presented to the Advisory Committee, as is customary.


How many people are listed in the Social Register?

​There are approximately 25,000 entries in the pages of the Social Register.

​What are the deadlines for receipt of information to appear in the next issue?

​The deadline for the summer book is the end of February. For the winter book, it is the end of August.

​When is the Social Register published?

​The winter edition is published in November of the year prior to the issue year, and the summer edition in May of the issue year.

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