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Beyer, Charlotte B.

Wealth Management Unwrapped

​A guide from a Wall Street veteran and founder of the Institute for Private Investors that sheds light on the intricacies of the wealth management industry, providing both the seasoned and novice investor alike with the tools to manage their finances effectively and responsibly.


RosettaBooks, 2014, 138 pp.

$35.00 hardcover; $14.99 paperback.

ISBN: 978-0578145617 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-0578145624 (paperback)

Burch, Tory

Tory Burch, In Color

A brightly-hued look at life through the designer/entrepreneur’s keen eye, each color highlighting the people and places that play an integral role in her relationships and work, including fellow designers and artists, and most importantly, family, among others. Gorgeous photography is interwoven with interviews throughout the book, which contains a foreword written by the doyenne of high fashion herself, Anna Wintour.


Harry N Abrams, 2014, 240 pp.

(multiple color photographs)

$50.00, hardcover

ISBN: 978-1419707476

Bush, Cornelia Wendell

The Ancestry of Alexandrina Mackenzie of Ballone

A detailed record of the ancestral lineage of Scotland’s Alexandrina Mackenzie, whom genealogists refer to as a “gateway ancestor,” creating a pathway to the European royal houses and the major families of the early British Isles.


American Peerage Press, 2015, 106 pp.

$9.95, paperback

ISBN: 978-1515163244

Bush, Cornelia Wendell

Society of Scottish Armigers

A vibrant compilation of member photographs and their heraldic arms, along with the history of heraldic arms and the society, an American non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about Scottish heraldry and its laws and traditions. Each heraldic arm listed is recognized in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland, maintained since 1672.


American Peerage Press, 2016, 292 pp.

(multiple color photographs and illustrations)

$55.00, paperback

ISBN: 978-1523228768

Cayzer, Beatrice Fairbanks

To Save a Child

From the author of The Secret Diary of Mrs. John Quincy Adams: Wife of the Sixth President of the United States, Murder For Beauty, and The Harrow Quartet, among many other works, comes a mystery novel that follows the exploits of sleuth Hillary Harrow through Mexico and beyond. Sent with her racehorse-trainer husband to unmask a serial killer targeting immigrants, Hillary’s travels reveal terrible conditions on the U.S./Mexico border. In her quest for the killer, Hillary ultimately is tasked with returning three young Guatemalan girls safely to their families. The reader joins Hillary in a fast-paced journey full of suspense as she navigates a wild frontier south of the border.​


Xlibris, 2015, 122 pp.

$19.99, paperback

ISBN: 978-1503549388

Chapman, Patricia Luce

Tea on the Great Wall: An American Girl in War-Torn China

A  beautifully detailed memoir by the daughter of an American businessman of growing up in war-torn China during the turbulent 1930s, bearing witness to Japanese invasions, the Nazi takeover of her school, and the people who formed the fabric of her life in a foreign land she called home.


Earnshaw Books, 2015, 325 pp.

$20.00, paperback

ISBN: 978-9888273003 (paperback)

Dunn, John

Loopers: A Caddie's Twenty-Year Golf Odyssey

In this memoir by a club caddie-turned-writer, the author takes readers on his unpredictable, often laugh-out-loud journey from summer jobs in Connecticut and Aspen to an unintentional career, traversing courses from Augusta to Bandon Dunes. Brushing shoulders with famous names and teeing off on courses amateur golfers can only dream of may seem ideal, but one is also given a glimpse into the darker side of career caddying, albeit a view from a Toyota minivan named Pearl.


Crown, 2013, 304 pp.

$25.00, hardcover; $15.00 paperback

ISBN: 978-0770437183 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-0770437206 (paperback)


Ewald, Chase Reynolds

American Rustic

An in-depth look at rustic architecture and interiors featuring beautifully photographed homes from New York to Santa Fe, and the wilds of Wyoming and Montana in between. American Rustic delves into the roots of rustic design and intimately explores the process of building a home from the ground up, from conception to construction and decoration.  


Gibbs Smith, 2015, 208 pp.(185 color photographs)

$50.00, hardcover.

ISBN: 978-1423640271


Fioratti, Helen Constantino

Playing Games: Games and Their Players from Antiquity to the Present
global exploration of the games you know and love—including billiards, backgammon, chess, and roulette among others—delving into the history and cultural effects of gambling and gaming from Asia to Italy and beyond.


Edizioni Polistampa, 2014, 176 pp. 

(139 photographs and illustrations)

$39.00, paperback.

ISBN: 978-8859613282


Good, Jason
Rock, Meet Window: A Father-Son Story

A thoughtful yet humorous memoir exploring the ups and downs of fatherhood. Inspired by his father’s diagnosis with cancer and the year that followed, it is the author’s ultimate tribute to the man who showed him the way to raising his own two boys.


Chronicle Books, 2015, 208 pp.

$22.95 hardcover;

ISBN: 978-1452129228


Goss, Jared
French Art Deco

An informative look into the Art Deco movement, showcasing the work of 45 artists from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, including biographies of designers and discussion of the featured works of art.


Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013, 280 pp.

(319 color and b/w photographs)

$50.00 hardcover.

ISBN: 978-0300204308


Grimball, William H.
Selected Poems of William H. Grimball

An informative look into the Art Deco movement, showcasing the work of 45 artists from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, including biographies of designers and discussion of the featured works of art.


William H. Grimball III, 2014, 208 pp

$25.00 hardcover.

ISBN: 978-069202033


Gutcheon, Beth
Death at Breakfast

Newly retired from her job as head of a private school, Maggie Detweiler and socialite friend Hope Babbin head to Maine for a relaxing week-long master cooking class at a Victorian-era inn. Their placid vacation is almost immediately interrupted by an ill-mannered Hollywood trio who storm the inn with incessant demands and bad behavior—that is, until one of them turns up dead in a suspicious fire. Local law enforcement take over the investigation, yet Maggie and Hope can’t help but get involved when Hope’s estranged son, the town’s deputy sheriff, seems like he could use their help to crack the case.


William Morrow, 2016, 288 pp

$25.99, hardcover.

ISBN: 978-0062431967


Havemeyer, Harry W.
Along the Great South Bay

The author, a fourth-generation summer resident of Islip, whose family came to the area in 1884, provides a definitive history of Long Island’s Great South Bay, renowned for over a century as a summer spa that attracted New York’s most affluent families. It is the first of his trilogy of books about the Great South Bay, followed by East Along the Great South Bay and Fire Island’s Surf Hotel, for which Mr. Havemeyer received recognition in the form of the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities’ Howard C. Sherman Award in 1997. This newly released illustrated edition brings to life an era long gone but not forgotten.


Harry W. Havemeyer, 2014, 530 pp.

(182 photographs and maps)

$24.95, paperback.

ISBN: 978-0990787006


Hollister, Buell
Leeram in Fordlandia

Gilbert Greenbush leads an unassuming life, until he is gifted Leeram, a shrunken head with a personality all its own. A series of unexpected events, along with an Amazon woman named Suxie Redbone and her friend, leads them from Boston to the Brazilian rainforest and Henry Ford’s abandoned rubber plantation, Fordlandia, where they gain a glimpse of the afterlife and come upon an invention that just may change the world as they know it.


Merrimack Media, 2014, 378 pp.

$18.98, paperback.

ISBN: 978-1939166593

Humes, James C
Presidents and Their Pens: The Story of White House Speechwriters

A professor, historian, and former speechwriter for Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, Humes examines the legacies of 23 U.S. presidents via a thorough analysis of their speeches, expertly exploring their place in America’s history through triumphs and tragedies. 


Hamilton Books, 2016, 174 pp.

$24.99, paperback.

ISBN: 978-0761867272

Hunt E. E.
Aristocrats of the Spirit

A compilation devoted to the men and women of multiple faiths who have influenced the life of Episcopal priest The Very Reverend Dr. Hunt, and those around him, for the greater good throughout his 55 years of ministry and well into his retirement. 


Xlibris, 2015, 212 pp.

$19.99, paperback.

ISBN: 978-1503556751

Jacobsen, Rowan
Apples of Uncommon Character: Heirlooms, Modern Classics, and Little-Known Wonders

The author of A Geography of Oysters comes ashore with a detailed look at the classic autumnal fruit. This generous ode to 120 varieties of apples found in North America includes advice for how best to consume each variety, their history, and defining characteristics. This resourceful tome is also a guide to buying and growing numerous varieties, the best apple festivals to attend, and recipes that go beyond mom’s apple pie.


Bloomsbury USA, 2014, 320pp.

(150 color photographs)

$35.00, hardcover

ISBN: 978-1620402276

Jacobsen, Rowan
The Essential Oyster: A Salty Appreciation of Taste and Temptation

A delicious celebration of over one hundred varieties of North American oysters, with richly-hued photographs interspersed between stories and tasting notes. The history and culture of domestic as well as global bivalve-producing regions are covered, along with a guide leading both the seasoned and novice oyster fan alike to the best oyster bars. Also included are recipes from top oyster chefs for adventurous readers ready to put their shucking skills to the test in their own kitchens. An excerpt of Mr. Jacobsen’s earlier work, A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur’s Guide to Oyster Eating in North America, was published in the Summer 2016 SR Observer under the title “The Oyster Conversion Experience.


Bloomsbury USA, 2016, 304pp.

(multiple color photographs)

$35.00, hardcover

ISBN: 978-1632862563

Kiernan, Peter D.
American Mojo: Lost and Found

A detailed look at America’s middle class, previously a shining example of postwar economic strength, now on the decline. In this impeccably researched narrative, Kiernan explores how the middle class grew exponentially after World War II, and then continued to shift and evolve as events in the U.S. as well as internationally changed the world we live in and shaped our varying economic classes. Other nations are leading the charge with their own successful, motivated middle-class populations, and Kiernan lays out a path that middle-class America, should it embrace the opportunity, can follow to once again flourish.


Turner, 2015, 464 pp.

$22.95, paperback

ISBN: 978-1681621234

Lamont, Edward M.
The Forty Years That Created America

A literary exploration of the land that would one day become America, and the cast of historical figures that actively took part in its cultivation during the years 1585-1625, including Sir Walter Raleigh, Governor William Bradford, Captain John Smith, and Pocahontas. Using personal records and research, including diaries and letters, the author crafts a narrative spanning four decades of discovery, exploration, and settlement without glossing over the hazards and risks encountered along the way.


Rowman & Littlefield Publisher, 2014, 296 pp.

$38.00, hardcover

ISBN: 978-1442236592

Lodge, Emily
The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times

The men of the Lodge family have taken their place in history, notably in government, but here, for the first time, the women behind them are truly given the spotlight. Tracing the Lodge family ancestors from early settlers through the Gilded Age into the late 20th century, the author uses interviews, letters, and memoirs to tell the stories of the women whose lives were interwoven with political and artistic luminaries of the times, including John Hay, Henry James, Theodore Roosevelt, and Edith Wharton.


Emily Lodge, 2014, 432 pp.

$21.00, paperback

ISBN: 978-0692270080

McCallum, David
Once a Crooked Man

The Bruschetti brothers Enzo, Max, and Sal have spent a lifetime profiting from crime, neither the law nor its enforcers ever standing in their way. Eventually their life of crime takes its toll, and an aging Max, on the advice of his doctor, makes the decision for the brothers to retire from the family business. Unfortunately for actor Harry Murphy and the brothers Bruschetti, their plot to kill a man who knows a bit too much is overheard by Murphy, and all intended plans go awry. Noted actor McCallum brings his onscreen wit to the pages with ease, crafting a darkly humorous international crime caper that makes for a captivating, fast-paced, inaugural print debut.


Minotaur Books, 2016, 352 pp.

$25.99, hardcover

ISBN: 978-1250080455

Mehta, Linn Cary
Poetry and Politics of Decolonization

A study of the confluence of politics and poetry between the years 1914 and 1950 in the current and former colonies of France, England, and Spain, as poets of the time, including Neruda, Yeats, and Senghor, crafted into words the struggle for cultural and political identity.


LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015, 400 pp.

$53.00, paperback

ISBN: 978-3659628931

Moore, Arthur Cotton
Interruption of the Cocktail Hour: A Washington Yarn of Art, Murder, and the Attempted Assassination of the President

An inheritance and a wildly unsuccessful painting career present artist Pete Preston with a chance to seek a fresh take on his art and life, moving with his reluctant wife to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. A broken computer presents a chance encounter with eccentric computer geek Horatio Homora Oramito and his devilish invention that brings about death with one push of a button. A few accidental deaths later, Pete uses the invention to save innocent lives and fight evil.  He stumbles into an offer of presidential assassination in the midst of an affair with the White House Chief of Staff, which takes him on a wild ride through the bizarre comedy that has become his life.


CreateSpace, 2015, 146 pp.

$12.00, paperback

ISBN: 978-1500776619

Naud, Robert
Lights, Camera, Madison Avenue

Drawing on his extensive background in commercial production, the author gives an account of a career that has spanned the globe, providing a history of advertising’s early days through its development in the 1960s and ’70s before taking the reader on a professional journey traversing Washington, Rome, New York, and Jamaica, amongst other locales, and detailing along the way the challenges and solutions involved in producing high-end commercials for major American corporations.


McFarland & Company, 2016, 198 pp.

$29.95, hardcover

ISBN: 978-1476662336

Pasquier, Roger F.
Painting Central Park

For decades, artists have featured Central Park and its vistas, landmarks, and constantly changing cast of visitors in their work. Paintings from William Merritt Chase, Childe Hassam, Edward Hopper, and Milton Avery are among many others included in this vast visual narrative of what may be America’s most famous public park.


Vendome Press, 2015, 202 pp.

$60.00, hardcover

ISBN: 978-0865653146

Potter, John Stauffer
On the Track of the Monmouth's Galleon...and Sunken Treasure!

The riveting true story of the deep-water salvage of treasure from a Spanish galleon that sank after it was captured in 1702 by the British warship HMS Monmouth, interspersed with the author’s personal recollections of world events, other shipwrecks and dives, and the people, some famous, he met along the way.


CreateSpace, 2014, 292 pp.

$21.83, paperback

ISBN: 978-1499725896

Rowland, Beverley Wellford
A Guide to Delaware’s Historical Markers, National Historic Landmarks, Bronze Tablets, Monuments, Memorials, State Markers, Districts, and Selected Buildings on the National Register of Historic Places

Commissioned by The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Delaware, Society member Rowland fulfills the need for an updated listing of Delaware’s historical markers after the previous list languished for over ten years with nary an addition. Rowland has diligently compiled and indexed a thorough registry of markers and landmarks throughout the state, her extensive undertaking a tribute to Delaware’s past that anyone with even a passing interest in history can appreciate.


Cedar Tree Books, 2014, 396 pp.

(multiple illustrations)

$25.00, paperback

ISBN: 978-1892142597

Rudick, Jennifer Ash
Palm Beach Chic

The riveting true story of the deep-water salvage of treasure from a Spanish galleon that sank after it was captured in 1702 by the British warship HMS Monmouth, interspersed with the author’s personal recollections of world events, other shipwrecks and dives, and the people, some famous, he met along the way.


CreateSpace, 2014, 292 pp.

$21.83, paperback

ISBN: 978-1499725896

Scharnberg, James F
The Bryn Mawr Hound Show One Hundredth Anniversary

A pictorial history of the Bryn Mawr Hound Show (1914-2014), including lists of officers and members, published on the occasion of its centenary; compiled, edited and designed by James F. Scharnberg, MBH.


Bryn Mawr Hound Show Association, 2014, 52 pp.

$20.00, paperback

(88 b/w, 6 color illustrations)


Simpkins, Drs. Annellen M. & C. Alexander
Core Principles of Meditation for Therapy: Improving the Outcomes for Psychotherapeutic Treatments

A practical guide for clinicians and their clients, this text explains the three major meditation methods: focus, which includes yoga meditations and postures; open-focus; and no-focus. The authors, both psychologists, provide detailed practical applications and match each meditation type to a specific therapeutic goal, explaining how and why each technique should be used. The text comes packaged with audio and video content for a versatile multimedia approach for the clinician looking to integrate therapy with meditation.


Wiley, 2016, 272 pp.

$50.00, paperback

(88 b/w, 6 color illustrations)

ISBN: 978-1118689592


Stevens, Elisabeth
American Nocturne

The author’s sixth poetry collection and 19th book is a work of 24 poems exploring a vast geography, moving about cities and seasons, and from dreams to reality.


BrickHouse Books, Inc., 2015, 80 pp.

$10.00, paperback

ISBN: 978-1938144318

Sypher, Francis J Jr
L. E. L. Letitia Elizabeth Landon, English Improvisatrice

A detailed catalogue of Columbia University’s collection of 233 prints, books, and manuscripts relating to British poet and novelist Letitia Landon, a literary celebrity of her time, donated to the university by Sypher in 2015. An exhibition of these works recently ran from July to September of this year at Columbia’s Chang Octagon Gallery at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library.


SColumbia University Libraries, 2016, 111 pp.

$35.00, paperback.

ISBN: 978-0978903749

Sypher, Francis J Jr
Charles Anthon: American Classicist

The first scholarly biography of the leading 19th-century American classicist and author of the Classical Dictionary and “Classical Series” of school texts.


Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, 2015, 222 pp.

(9 b/w photographs & illustrations)

$55.00, hardcover.

ISBN: 978-0820115665

Thoren, Roxi J.
Landscapes of Change: Innovative Designs and Reinvented Sites

A look at modern-day challenges to the landscape design process, including climate change, population shifts, and dwindling natural resources, and how they bring about new design strategy and innovation. The author presents 25 case studies from sites around the world which explore the physical, ecological, and cultural processes involved in shaping a site—past, present, and future.


Timber Press, 2014, 256 pp.

(250 photographs)

$34.95, paperback.

ISBN: 978-1604693867

Untermeyer, Chase
Inside Reagan's Navy: The Pentagon Journals

After serving as an assistant to Vice President George H.W. Bush, the author is offered an appointment as a deputy assistant secretary of the Navy, and within a year named assistant secretary for Manpower and Reserve Affairs by President Ronald Reagan. His time within the Pentagon is covered in this lively narrative, giving a personal glimpse into the people, places, and politics of Washington, DC.


Texas A&M University Press, 2015, 352 pp.

$35.00, hardcover.

ISBN: 978-1623492120

Edited by Stephanie Hadik

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